Matcha Shortbread Chocolate Dipped Cookies

   Average         90 minutes

Take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey as you savor our Matcha Shortbread decadently dipped in Chocolove Ruby Chocolate or Chocolove Extreme 88% Dark Chocolate – a delicious blend of the familiar and the exotic, combining the timeless appeal of shortbread with the vibrant, natural flavors of matcha.

The sweet, buttery essence and delicate crumbly texture of the shortbread perfectly harmonize with the earthy steamed green notes and umami richness of matcha, creating a cookie that is both traditional and refreshingly modern.


Ruby Couverture Dipped Cherries

   Very Easy         10 minutes

Create a delightful Valentine’s Day treat with these Cherries dipped in Chocolove Ruby Chocolate. Easily crafted with just a microwave and a bowl, this two-ingredient recipe is a perfect blend of plump, juicy cherries with the unique sweet berry essence of ruby cacao. The enchanting pink hue, derived naturally without any additives or food coloring from the ruby cocoa bean, adds a touch of romance and playfulness.