XO – No Sugar Added

Introducing Chocolove XO

Sharing Chocolove with someone you love may not always be an option if that person is diabetic, following a Keto-inspired diet, or simply wants no sugar added in the food they eat. To better serve this segment of the population, Chocolove introduces XO: our new line of no sugar added bars in both 60% Dark and 37% Milk.

X is For eXtra Fiber

XO is all-natural and sweetened with frutalose, derived from chicory. Frutalose contains inulin in high concentrations, which is naturally extracted and used as a sweetener. Inulin produces no glycemic spikes and unlike stevia, has no aftertaste. Inulin does not raise blood sugar and is relatively low in calories—providing 1.5 calories per gram. Inulin can be a good source of dietary fiber and is a natural prebiotic as it is a type of soluble fiber found in many plants.

O is For No (zerO) Sugar Added

According to the CDC, 9.4% of the adult US population has diabetes and more than 1 in 3 has prediabetes. Additionally, the boom in Keto-inspired diets has driven consumers to find foods low in carbohydrates that help meet their dietary goals. The search to find great tasting, no sugar added products can be tough. Chocolove’s XO products provide our same great taste and high quality, all without any sugar added.

Open And Honest

With XO, Chocolove continues to deliver on quality, taste, and affordable luxury. With all of our products, great effort is made to deliver consistent great taste so you can feel great about eating Chocolove. For those who require it, Chocolove’s XO makes it easy, with an open-and-up-front declaration of carbs, fiber, and sugar.

Enjoying XO: No Sugar Added

Chocolove’s XO tastes so good, you might wonder if there really is no sugar added. Extra fiber is the reason it tastes sweet. The right amount of fiber feels healthy; too much can feel unhealthy. We suggest initially consuming 2 to 3 squares per day of Chocolove XO and increasing gradually over several weeks to an amount that makes you feel comfortable.