Chocolove: Making People Happier Since 1995

Chocolove sold its first bars in September of 1995.

The venue was a trade showed called Expo East. Chocolove has been making people happier every day since September of 1995, which amounts to 9,490 days.

In 1995, we were first in many ways that would soon become a standard for chocolate in the US. We were the first US firm to state cocoa content on the front of the bar. We were the first to make a great tasting, high content chocolate for national sales. We’ve continued with many firsts over the last 26 years.

Our first focus from day one was on great taste, and we also made a dedicated standard to simple, premium, and natural ingredients. Despite the same 9,490 days of supply changes and production challenges we have maintained that high standard of excellence in taste and quality. I personally taste each batch of chocolate made, which is over 1,600 pounds of chocolate that I have eaten over 26 years; all in the name of keeping the taste the same great Chocolove taste.

This year as we celebrate our 26th anniversary, we also want to congratulate Barry Callebaut on their 25th anniversary. Barry Callebaut has been our partner in making great chocolate and in helping us help millions of people enjoy life more through great chocolate.

Over the years since 1995, many changes have come to the chocolate industry. Many were asked for by consumers and retailers; we listened and made it so. I am happy to say that Chocolove was an early adopter of cocoa farmer sustainability, cocoa labor certification, cocoa supply traceability, and non-GMO certification. For example, Chocolove had the first non-GMO certified milk chocolate in major retail store chains.

With each of these initiatives (or projects as Barry Callebaut calls them), we were one of the first firms in the Barry Callebaut facility to walk the factory floor and discuss how it could be done. I also asked for a number of other projects and special recipes that are a trade secret but are built into every Chocolove bar we make. While we asked Barry Callebaut to make the change, they deserve credit for listening and solving a great number of problems to realize the many goals set. A big thanks to the team who has made it happen at Barry Callebaut.

Over the last 26 years, I have worked with the namesake Richard Callebaut; yes, we started working with Callebaut chocolate 26 years ago. I provided polite, persistent, and at times, humorous assurance to Richard that if they make the changes and maintain the taste, I will make the bars, and people in the US and in Africa will be happier every day. Thanks Richard.

Chocolove: helping millions of people enjoy life and be happier every day.