Timothy Moley

I am Timothy Moley.

For over 9,000 days at Chocolove, my measure of success has been how many people are made happier by the fact that I come to work each day.

The decisions we make at Chocolove are driven by helping people enjoy and celebrate life more. Many people bring their best effort at Chocolove; it is not just me.

I am the founder and still the majority owner of Chocolove. I was inspired to start Chocolove to take care of people. I wanted to provide something that they looked forward to, that brightened their day, and that they shared with others. I thought great chocolate could be that medium to share this love.

I am a professional taster and I have a gift of being able to taste. I have learned to taste tea, wine, coffee, and chocolate. I keep the taste at Chocolove and I ensure we make it right. I am also the keeper of the brand and see that we stay true to who we are and to you.

As Chocolove grew and I could take care of more people, I expanded my view to see that everyone in the process from farmer to customer was happier for the experience.

Chocolove is primarily focused on great tasting chocolate and also how people feel during and after eating Chocolove. I believe people can taste the difference in Chocolove and can feel the love we bring to our work.