A Word from Our President

You’ve landed here because we both have a love for chocolate. My passion for the dark, rich dream began in a cocoa field in Indonesia and lead me to found Chocolove. I’m lucky, not only because I’ve been able to bring a dream to life, offering the best, most delectable chocolate bars to my customers, but eating at least two of them a day!

No cheap chocolate for me and after my confectionary education, Chocolove was born. I created a distinctly flavored bar, with all-natural ingredients, using the classic techniques of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. The chocolate had to be wrapped in what would resemble a love letter, sent from a distant land. I hope that your sensations are aroused when you eat a Chocolove bar, and whether you’re purchasing one for yourself or someone special, know that it is wrapped with love, incredible taste, and pure sensation.

To eat chocolate is to love chocolate. Enjoy!

Timothy Moley

888-Chocolove (246-2656)
PO Box 18357 Boulder, CO 80308