Chocolove: Sustainable, Socially Responsible, and Ethical

Jul 24, 2015Chocolove 0 Comment(s)

Last week, Chocolove had our third annual IMO For Life inspection. We received a score of 115 out of 100. It’s always nice to score higher than 100; however, we are expected by IMO to do better each year and we are already working toward this goal.


One of the reasons that we choose the IMO For Life program is because they actually inspect our factory in Boulder, Colorado. This annual inspection keeps us truly focused on the mission. Out of incisive inspections and positive feedback, we can see ourselves clearer and are encouraged to do even better for all of our supply chain and customers.



Another reason that we like IMO’s For Life program is its full traceability from our factory to the farmer; unlike other certification programs that rely on “mass balance” principles. Mass balance is a kind of carbon credit for sustainability, but we prefer the integrity of buying the beans directly from the farmers in the program.