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Tasting Success in Natural Foods February 23, 2008 by Joyzelle Davis

Timothy Moley already had decades of experience in the food industry when he turned his attention to chocolate. He'd worked for years for a spice and tea company in northern California and then started studying how to make wine.

At the time, premium chocolate was a rarity in the U.S., but Moley believed there was an untapped market if he could apply the flavor philosophy of wine to blending chocolate bars.

Moley maxed out his credit cards to start, finally paying off the debt after three years. Today, he employs 16 people and runs a custom-built factory, which sends bars to Whole Foods and Target stores across the nation.

Taste: A sweet touch for Valentine's DayFebruary 6, 2008 by Beth Booley

....."More cocoa and fewer ingredients means better-tasting chocolate. Vivani premium organic dark chocolate (with 72 percent cocoa content) from Germany and Chocolove's organic (73 percent cocoa content) made in Colorado with Belgium chocolate both fit the bill. It's all a matter of personal preference, of course, so taste and then decide."

Sweet Satisfaction February - March, 2008 by Madhu Puri

...."We buy chocolate out of Belgium and France but still feel it's our job to ask if the people responsible for harvesting are properly cared for," says Timothy Moley, owner of Boulder, Colorado-based Chocolove, which backs the WCF to ensure that children in cacao-farming regions can access proper schooling systems. According to Moley, the WCF has projects across the globe tailored to address specific troubles farmers face, such as insect infestations and the need for greenhouses. The goal of the WCF and its backers is to create a global network of support.

ABC News Money Matters October 20, 2006

World Tour of Chocolate
Premium chocolates from around the world offer a taste of native lands.

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Whole Foods Haul
How to Buy Healthy Groceries October 20, 2006