Valentine’s Day – Poems

A poem inside, really?  Yes it is true, there is a poem inside every Chocolove bar.  It is printed on the inside of the outer paper wrapper.  We print a different poem on each flavor.  We go to press about 12 times a year and have about 32 unique wrappers, so yep that’s a lot of poems.  I estimate we have found and reprinted about 500 different poems and poem parts over the years.  The task of finding unique love poems and not using them again too soon is enough extra work that we do not make available any list of poems and pull dates.

If you really want to know what poem is on which flavor before your loved one reads it, consider the fun of buying 2 bars of several flavors and opening them to find the poem inside that is just right for your loved one; you can then taste all the flavors you opened and enjoy the notion that you invested some extra energy in your gift.

I have heard from a number of Chocolovers about their favorite poem and where they tape it or tack it to read it again to brighten their days.

By the way, Valentine’s Day is February 14th, this year on Thursday.  My wife was nice enough to remind me a couple weeks in advance.