Holidays are here

Wow, the holidays are here. It is a surprise to me how fast they are upon us.  To get from wow (in an amazed sort of tone) to yeah!, I made a list and have been checking it more than twice; mail Christmas cards, send out Christmas party invitations, shopping list for gift baskets and so on.

Almost too obvious, I always give Chocolove away at this time of year. Chocolove bars make a great gift for co-workers. They are also cherished by letter carriers.  Bring some to the holiday parties you are invited to.  Add one to stockings. I find it hard to remember all the giving I need to do so to have a stack of bars ready to give when a neighbor sends over a plate of cookies.  I get to feel the joy of giving.   An annual tradition for me is to load up the company truck with several cases of 144 bars and deliver to local fire houses in the area.

Chocolove makes dozens of bars; a few seem to shine this time of year.  Favorites for crisp days and cold nights are Ginger, Peppermint and Holiday BarHoliday Bar is a seasonal item.  It is a 55% dark chocolate packed with walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, preserved orange, preserved ginger and infused cherry.  I also save a few for myself for energy bars when skiing or hiking throughout the new year.

I think you will find some great deals on Chocolove in your local stores.   If you can’t find what you want or want us to do the shipping, we ship by Fedex as a rule.  If we have your order by the 18th, it will ship the 19th and should be at its destination by the 21st.

Happy holidays from all of us at Chocolove.