Chocolate season is upon us

People ask me if the chocolate business is seasonal and I say yes, and they ask what is the season.  For me the chocolate season starts when there is frost on the pumpkin in the morning.  Another chocolate season indicator is when you wake up and say, gosh it’s still dark or are not yet to the dinner table in the evening and you remark, hmm it is dark already.  Fall equinox and daylight savings time also mark the chocolate season more precisely.

When it is chocolate season chocolate tastes better.  Something in our body chemistry says eat chocolate.  Perhaps cocoa beans store up some essence of the sun and when we are missing some sunlight and daylight we crave chocolate.  Perhaps the roasted aromas are comforting reminding us of a warm fire in the fireplace.  Perhaps it is that we can carry chocolate in our coat pocket or purse without it melting.  Perhaps the chocolate warms our heart and increases our circulation. Whatever the reason we eat more chocolate when it is cooler and the daylight is shorter.

So stock up and enjoy.