Chocolate Chips to Hot Chocolate to Chocolate Pudding

This morning I found chocolate pudding in a pan on the stove.  We have a small kitchen and we are big cooks so it is not uncommon to have many pans on the stove and some stacked atop another to free up a burner.

The chocolate pudding was in fact Chocolove hot chocolate last night that had cooled into pudding overnight on the stove. (Our stove vent does not seal completely and it was 10 degrees F outside last night.)

Chocolove introduced chocolate chips in 2012 in a 5.5 pound bag.  Before you gush and then say I don’t know how I would use 5.5 pounds of chips… well, ok gush.  In our household we tend to make a lot of hot chocolate with the chips.  The bag has a recipe for hot chocolate on it.  Here is the recipe we use at home.  To be honest we are not so precise but it often turns out just right.

2 parts whole milk

1 part water

1 part chocolate chips

For you coffee aficionados the recipe uses a Turkish coffee technique. The pan needs to be relatively small with enough depth for 3 times the height of the liquid. So if you were using a quart sauce pan, then 2/3 cup would be a good measure for “part”. The boiling up of the mix is essential in getting a rich thick hot chocolate.

Put all ingredients in the pan, warm and stir till the chocolate is melted. Then turn up the fire and stir occasionally until simmering then stop stirring; watch it carefully when small bubbles form on the edge of the pan.

When the mix boils up the edge of the pan, pull it off heat right before it gets to the top.

Set the pan aside (off heat) till it settles; about 30 seconds.

Set again on the burner and let it boil all the way up and pull off.

Let it set off heat a minute or two and then serve in demitasse cups.

This is not the hot chocolate of your youth, unless you grew up in Spain.  This is a thick hearty hot chocolate just right for a cold snowy winter day. And if you make too much, pour it in ramekins or little cups and set in the fridge and if everything went right the next day you will have chocolate pudding.