• Chocolove: Sustainable, Socially Responsible, and Ethical

    Last week, Chocolove had our third annual IMO For Life inspection. We received a score of 115 out of 100. It’s always nice to score higher than 100; however, we are expected by IMO to do better each year and we are already working toward this goal.

    One of the reasons that we choose the IMO For Life program is because they actually inspect our factory in Boulder, Colorado. This annual inspection keeps us truly focused on the mission. Out of incisive inspections and positive feedback, we can see ourselves clearer and are encouraged to do even better for all of our supply chain and customers.

    Another reason that we like IMO’s For Life program is its full traceability from our factory to the farmer; unlike other certification programs that rely on “mass balance” principles. Mass balance is a kind of carbon credit for sustainability, but we prefer the integrity of buying the beans directly from the farmers in the program.

    On almost all of the items that we sell, Chocolove’s IMO For Life certified content increased to the level of “all of the cocoa bean derived ingredients in this chocolate are certified For Life.” You will find this statement and higher content on some products now, and will see this revised claim on the rest of our items as packaging changes and product moves through distributors to stores.

    Thank you for your support of Chocolove as we make this positive transition.

  • Chocolove Price Reduction

    Chocolove is pleased to announce a price change effective July 1, 2015.

    The price reduction is a result of Chocolove securing lower cocoa costs for the next two years, in addition to the foreign exchange rate for dollars improving considerably.

    We achieved cost savings without reducing quality or piece weight, and increased certified sustainable and non-gmo content.  While our primary goal is to deliver the most satisfying chocolate possible, we also believe part of that satisfaction comes from a fair price.

    We are now working with retail stores to get the new lower prices implemented on the shelf.

  • Chocolove Donates To Help West Africa

    Chocolove has written a check for $50,000 to the World Cocoa Foundation who will in-turn donate it to the International Federation of Red Cross program in West Africa.

    The IFRC is one of the most active organizations at work in West Africa at this time in the fight against the ebola virus.

    Our hearts and prayers are with the people of West Africa and now our donations as well.

    In our efforts to find a way to help cocoa farmers we have had a long and generous relationship with the World Cocoa Foundation. It comes as no surprise that they take a lead on behalf of the cocoa community worldwide, collecting funds for the humanitarian effort of stopping the further spread of ebola virus and saving lives in West Africa.

  • Welcome to our new website

    We have worked hard to make it easy for you.  I hope you will like the new format and will be able to find your way around almost intuitively.

    If you find any anomalies, things that don’t work, please let us know and we will get to fixing them right away.

    Our site is geared toward getting you to your local store where you have instant gratification; you can buy Chocolove today and be eating it in the check-out line, (I do).  If you already shop at your local store and you do not find it pointed to in the store locator, let us know and we will add it.

    We are aware that our assortment of gift items is a weak spot in our product line and hope to have new items set up in time for holiday gift giving.

    Thanks for visiting and checking out what we are doing.


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