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  • Bite the ears off… Right?

    Bite the ears off… Right?, when faced with a chocolate bunny, after admiring its sheen and calculating that enough people have seen it and it is likely to not look so great or taste so great a week from now, ya bite the ears off.  We are making chocolate bunnies in the factory today just for fun and for employees.  I had to taste, as is my main job; the keeper of the taste.  I must admit to a certain child-like demeanor that overcomes me; a giggly-like feeling as I approach the bunny.  And when those ears snap and that chocolate is in my mouth I am taken back to my childhood.

    When I was boy, we celebrated Easter and everyone had a basket filled with various candies and of course the piece de resistance was the large chocolate bunny.  Picture the seven Easter baskets on the dining room table Easter morning; they were not there the night before so it was quite a sight.  Of course we kids were up at the crack of dawn, but could only eat a couple jelly beans before church and the bunny had to wait.

    One year my older brother, who would often get started first, commented that his bunny tasted bitter.  And like some extended version of the Life cereal “Mikey likes it” meets The 3 Bears, we 5 kids circled the table and variously tasted our bunnies and watched each other as we did and yes, they were all bitter, not the usual milk chocolate.

    We convened and discussed the pros and cons of asking my mom about this. My mom informed us that it was not bad chocolate; it was in fact dark chocolate and commented with a slight resignation (coming from having bought the bunnies and stayed up late to create such a wonderful Easter display) that she liked dark chocolate and if we ate it we would acquire a taste for it.  Hmm I thought to myself, I guess I could eat it, I would like to have acquired taste, sounded like a good thing to have.

    My brothers and sisters were locked in solidarity and disdain for the dark and so one by one I traded away my marshmallow bunnies, my jelly beans and my small chocolates to amass a basket full of dark chocolate bunnies, albeit with some bite marks. My mother did not see the trading floor but had some comment on all the bunnies in my basket at the end of the trading day.  I recall thinking that if I ate enough I would like it quicker and I ate so much chocolate that I experienced a mild euphoria and a sense of well being.  Later on when I started Chocolove, I reflected on the formative moments in my life and eating an entire dark chocolate bunny and feeling good was certainly one.

    Easter is Sunday March 31st this year.  Chocolove does not sell chocolate bunnies but we make a large assortment of chocolate bars in a variety of Easter-like colors. I think an assortment of Chocolove mini bars make a great addition to an Easter basket.

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