When We Give, We Give A Little Love

This time of year, my thoughts turn to giving and to giving to a large number and wide variety of people. I consider that there is love in the act of giving and in the gift itself. The love that sparks the idea of a gift, the attention to the person, the appreciation for who they are, the recognition of connection with them, the significance they have in your life: all are in essence, love. Love can have many forms and shapes and sizes. Whether we overtly try to consider why we give or what sparks us and motivates us to give, I would put forth that in giving, we feel some love of some type on some level.

This love can also be shown in how we see ourselves in one another: we recognize on some level that we are all connected. We are not really giving away something never to see it again, but we are sharing in a way that recognizes and reinforces love and nurturing the connections in the larger human nature.

And so it is that at Chocolove we are, in fact, aware of this. Even if you don’t see it the same way, we share that we see it this way, and we are happy to give a little love in everything we do and everything we make.