Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

I missed writing about Thanksgiving this year as I got busy with feeding folks and family and I just couldn’t get everything done. But I have not missed writing about Tuesday, December 4th: Colorado Cares Day. And apparently the same day every year—the first Tuesday in December—is a day of giving for many in the United States. I can and do make it a point to give.

By giving I am referring to charitable giving. One of my favorite organizations is The Morgan Adams Foundation (MAF). MAF does research and clinical trials on novel ways to treat cancer in kids. I have personally visited the various Morgan Adams facilities in and around the Children’s Hospital in Denver. I feel obligated to get to know who I am giving to. After a visit 2 years ago, I wrote a nice-sized check and immediately asked what more can we do. I also asked MAF for reports of all upcoming research projects that needed funding.

I decided to adopt and fund some research MAF was doing with gold nanoparticle drug therapy. This therapy uses gold nanoparticles to deliver chemotherapy in a targeted way to cancer cells, thus improving effectiveness and reducing side effects so that not only does the child survive but they have enough vitality to thrive and live a normal life.

Chocolove’s effort at giving is 100%, so again this year we offer a gift box of 12 decadent dark chocolates filled with liquid caramel and dusted with real gold flakes. The 23-karat gold dust is real and so is the chocolate/liquid caramel experience. Chocolove will donate 100% of the proceeds for this item to The Morgan Adams Foundation.

This is a true labor of love and it’s wonderful to watch everyone here pull out all stops to see these are created. I feel fortunate to be a part of the effort and I am happy to say that we make giving easy for you. Please order up our Gold Dusted Caramel Filled Gift Box for your further gifting and get one or two for yourself while you are at it.

Chocolove: it is the gift that keeps giving.