Easter: A Time of Renewed Life

The return of green grass, blue sky, and yellow and purple flowers is a reminder of life renewed. The change of seasons to spring and the Easter holiday have always been some of my favorites.

As I child I looked forward to Easter as it was a day filled with hope, hope on a few levels. On a simple level, I hoped for a chocolate bunny and Easter candy. Somehow chocolate made the day and time of year that much brighter. As we celebrated the changing of the seasons and life renewed, I was aware that it was somehow more colorful and refreshing with chocolate.  

On a deeper level, I felt hope of a new year. It seemed the change of the seasons from winter to spring was more like a new year than a date on a calendar. I was set free in a way to run and play in sunshine.

Easter has also always been, and still is, a time of contemplation and a search for meaning to life. This year I feel that we as a world have been in a long winter and just maybe are entering into a spring of hope and happiness. I feel what the world needs now, more than ever, is love.

Chocolove exists today for many reasons. The love of chocolate born out of the joy of chocolate in the spring and the search for deeper meaning and purpose in life many years ago are still present today in Chocolove. Happy Easter from Chocolove, please share it with someone you love.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. That there is a day (a whole day!) for giving thanks gives me pause for thought and is comforting, even days before the holiday. Giving thanks is a great way to start the holiday season and hopefully carry those feelings of gratitude through to the next year.

At Chocolove, we celebrate life and the changing of seasons with food and dining together. This year we continue this tradition with a company-wide catered lunch with a classic menu. Also, we can give thanks to have on staff a world class maître chocolatier who prepares treats for our desert. So in addition to lunch’s pumpkin and pecan pie, we have chocolate truffles.

This year, Chef Patrick (as we call him internally) has made up a couple of truffle collections for us and for sale exclusively on the Chocolove website. One gourmet gift box set is inspired by pies and has four flavors: pumpkin, pecan, mincemeat, and apple. There is also Chef Patrick’s classic round dusted truffle collection offered in a long box. Mendiants and Sacher Tortes will be back again this season and gold-dusted caramels round out the collection of our seasonal offerings.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.