Chocolove: Something For Everyone

You can feed all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can‘t feed all the people all the time.

Or can you?  Perhaps you can, if you make something for everyone.

It became obvious that after distilling down all I do and we do, I arrived at: we feed people. And then it became obvious that we were not making food for “all the people”. If we wanted to feed all the people all the time, we needed some new products.

A percentage of the population cannot—or choose not to—enjoy Chocolove for a single ingredient: sugar. And while we were early trendsetters in high cocoa content and thus low sugar, even our 88% Extreme Dark Chocolate with just 12% sugar, was not free of added sugar.

Still I struggled. I wanted to make a no sugar added chocolate for those who wanted that, but the only way I would make it is if it was worthy of the Chocolove name and made the Chocolove way. The Chocolove way delivers a no-excuses experience that leaves a person happier. Chocolove’s no sugar added must taste as good as regular Chocolove, be sweetened with simple ingredients, and have no aftertastes. Chocolove XO is not for everyone, but for those who don’t want sugar added, it is indeed made for them. For people who can tell the difference and prefer the difference, Chocolove XO was made in Boulder to match the same standard that Chocolove xoxox was made. Yes, a true, no excuses, no sugar added chocolate: Chocolove XO.