The Making of Chocolove

The core and heart of Chocolove is in our crafting of chocolate treats that bring joy to you and those you share them with. At this time of year this becomes clear and something I am thankful for.

Our master chocolatier and team hand make all the gourmet chocolates that we sell only on our website. This dedication to craft work and the artisan approach to hand-made products is laborious and time consuming, but in it is a real value of resonating with the art of chocolate. This hand work or craftwork helps us keep the product real and in touch with every detail and ingredient quality.

At the simplest view, it is a person making something to bring joy to another person. This essence— you might call it love—is in and of itself so valuable for us at Chocolove. We are aware of others, feel connected to others, and strive to bring joy to lives of others. Thinking of and working to bring joy to others by way of handmade chocolate: Chocolove.

In the craft of hand making chocolates you enjoy, we return to the basics and pursuit of the excellence of chocolate, and we also benchmark the rest of our work. The entire crew in the Chocolove factory benefit from the knowledge and dedication to bringing joy for you and yours. 


Happy Holidays from Chocolove.