Happy Mother’s Day

You may ask, “What does a chocolatier get their mother for Mother’s Day?”. My family tradition is making a gift, so this year I will be making chocolate chip cookies for my mother. 

My mother taught me to cook and I was happy to learn and help. From a weekly task of baking chocolate chip cookies as a kid for my family, under the watchful eye of my mother, I learned the art of making a taste and the joy of helping people be happier. From the seed of the joy of cooking for people, planted early on, grew Chocolove.

It is a joy once again to be in a much bigger kitchen and bake cookies for a much bigger family. Fortunately, I have the help and watchful eye of master chocolatier, Patrick Peeters. I will be working together with Patrick to bake chocolate chip cookies; I think we will have a few dozen extra.

Please place your orders early—for your mom of course. Check the website under the “Gift Boxes” category and place your order. Orders placed by the 5th will be baked the 5th and will ship out on the 6th. Happy Mother’s Day.