Chocolove: Open For Business

Yes we are open.

It seems obligatory to say as much.

For years we have been working smarter every day to make a facility, supply chain, and workforce that meets and then exceeds FDA and USDA regulations and on top of that ascribe to an even higher standard of safety to earn the laudable SQF certification.

We were simultaneously asked by Whole Foods to certify our supply chain for food products and it was part and parcel to our trade to certify our supply chain for cocoa. And we did what we were asked.

The cost and time involved was and is overwhelming at times, and at other times a relief. Yes, for years we did the smart and hard work and methodically and consistently forged ahead to build an organization that met world class standards. We knew in advance such diligent work was smart.

In the year 2020, we realized in an obvious way that all our hard work at making a safe facility, safe supply chain, and safe workforce was indeed time and money well spent. There was no question in my mind over the last few years we needed to do it and there is no question today that we did it. Our safe quality food organization is indeed safe for all concerned today.

Yes we are open, cruising at capacity, and filling every order in stride. Thanks for being there for us every day and we are here for you today and everyday as well.