Chocolove Gives

Chocolove Gives

For many years, Chocolove has given funds around this time of year to many organizations in the state of Colorado. It is easy to give chocolate, but to give cash takes some work.

I first have to personally get to know the organization. I feel fortunate to have found an organization in Colorado that not only seemed to be doing great things, but allowed me in-depth access to see for myself, and personally get to know them. Being a bit of a researcher and a business manager, I felt I could evaluate the work and operations. Wow, I was impressed. The Morgan Adams Foundation, based in Denver, Colorado, does original research on cures for kids’ cancers.

Take a minute to collect yourself; kids get cancer. And why kids get cancer is a bit of mystery. They don’t have any lifestyle choices, they don’t know any better, their parents watch out for them, and yet, some get cancer through no fault of their own.

The Morgan Adams Foundation believes not only should kids beat cancer, but they do so in a way that preserves their vitality to enjoy a long life. Every year, Chocolove gives donations in-kind and cash to The Morgan Adams Foundation. This year the amount we give will be 10% of gross revenue for consumer website orders placed from December 1 through the 10th. Yes, 10% off the top.

So any gifts you buy for yourself, friends, or loved ones will have the added benefit of helping kids. And at no additional charge to you. Think of it as me giving you the opportunity to donate my money.

I wish you a happy season of giving.