Chocolove and Keto Approach to Eating

Chocolove has always made high-cocoa content chocolates. We were the first brand in the US to label cocoa content on the front of the bar, which we started back in 1995. We are also a leader in strong chocolates, making 65%, 70%, 77% and 88% cocoa contents.

These higher cocoa contents of Chocolove products might be a great part of any well-thought-out approach to eating and even a true Ketogenic diet. A person on a true Keto diet compares fat to carbs as a percentage of the overall food, with a goal of perhaps a 4 to 1 ratio of fat to carbs. This approach measures total intake of everything eaten, not each food by itself.

In the Chocolove chocolate bars we look at here, there are no added carbs other than added sugar. Any chocolate can be part of the Keto diet, but the question becomes, how much chocolate can be eaten in relation to other foods consumed during that meal or day?

For ease of calculation, the inverse of the cocoa content can be used as the sugar content. Thus an Extreme Dark bar with 88% cocoa content has roughly 12% added sugar. The fat portion is less obvious to calculate so here are a pair of simple tables to use. These numbers are based on a 90g bar.

Whether you prefer to consider the ratio of fat to sugar or fat to carbs in your decision making, our Extreme Dark with 88% cocoa content delivers on that ratio in classic chocolate taste.

How chocolate supports a diet is one thing, but the essence of chocolate is enjoying and feeling better. A person has the best of both worlds if they can get great taste and support for their feeling of well-being and at the same time get to eat Chocolove chocolate.